Rule n°3: Find the balance and lose the guilt

Sometimes, life seems like a never-ending series of birthdays, dinners and drinks parties. And each time, you reproach yourself for giving in to that slice of chocolate cake, or for going a little overboard on the crisps and canapés. But instead of depriving yourself and eating nothing for the next 24 hours, learn how to compensate without the guilt trip.

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Guilt gets you nowhere

Dump the guilt! If your technique for compensating for that blow-out meal you had involves an entire week on vegetable soup, you’re putting your body under strain. The more you swing between excess and deprivation, the more your body stores it all up. It soon learns that each blow-out is followed by starvation, so it keeps it all – just in case! As a result, your body has a greater tendency to store fat that will then be hard to lose.
Adopt a positive attitude – enjoy what you eat, and compensate for any excesses as gently as you can. When you sit down to a good meal or give in to the temptation of a cream cake, enjoy every mouthful without guilt. Then simply be a bit more careful over the next few days, by eating less fat and fast-burning carbs without avoiding them altogether. Make sure you get a good breakfast, go for lean meat and green veg at lunchtime, and eat an apple if you feel the urge to snack before dinnertime. To help lose weight, drink water all day long and get some exercise – use the stairs, take a walk or go for a swim!
Top tip: Always keep some vegetables in the freezer, as they’ll come in useful when you’ve no time to cook. A few minutes in the fast cooker and they’re done!


Every year the activist chef and Tefal’s partner Jamie Oliver hosts Food Revolution Day, a global day of action for the right to good food and essential cooking skills. Thousands of people all around the world are involved.


Jamie’s Vision

“My wish is to create a strong, sustainable movement to educate every child about food, inspire families to cook again and empower people everywhere to fight obesity” – says Jamie. By educating children about food in a fun and engaging way, Jamie Oliver wants to equip them with the basic skills they need to lead healthier, happier lives, for themselves and their future families.


Take action

You can become a supporter of Food Revolution Day in different ways :

  • Sign the global petition. Since March a global petition is launched with where Jamie Oliver will be calling on the leaders and governments of all G20 to make food education a compulsory part of every school curriculum. Sign up!
  • Get Involved. There are plenty of ways you can get involved, from whipping up delicious recipes with kids, hosting a foodie event in your community or challenging your workmates to a cook-off to sharing your photos on the #foodrevolutionday via social media.
  • Tell your local school. Get your local school to register online, download the teaching materials and get involved in Jamie’s exclusive cooking lesson online on Food Revolution Day.


Go to for petition information, ideas on how you can get involved, resources, exclusive Jamie Oliver video and lots of new recipes!

FRD Bannière


Whether you’re a foodie, a health-lover or a weight-watcher, grilling is for you! From romantic suppers to family dinners, grilling retains all the taste and all the nutrients, and is endlessly versatile – whether you’re cooking meat, fish or vegetables.

Great for parties, great for your figure!

Get the whole family gathered around the grill for fish, seafood, meat and vegetables cooked without any added fat! Needless to say, if you’re watching your figure or your health, opt for lean cuts of meat as opposed to fatty varieties like sausages. Use your imagination and put vegetables centre stage – a platter of vegetable kebabs, for example, will impress all your guests old and young! Grilling helps to retain all the vitamins and water-soluble minerals – even the heat-sensitive ones, like vitamins A, C, B1, B5 and B9.

Friends having meal
No longer do you have to wait for Summer to enjoy a good barbecue! Indoor grills can be used all year round and are perfect for parties and family get-togethers, with everyone gathering round to grill their own choices of meat or vegetables. And don’t forget to throw in a few homemade sauces –your traditional homemade mayonnaise (link to mayo article), for instance, is sure to prove an all-round winner!


Whether you’re a parent, child or grandparent, let’s face it – you love chocolate! If you’re constantly hunting for new recipes and ideas to satisfy your sweet tooth, then get a set of silicone moulds and transform your kitchen into a scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

Take silicone moulds, the right ingredients and a pinch of imagination…

Chocolate lovers

Whether it’s for Harry’s birthday treat or Emily’s teenage party, you’ll be armed and ready thanks to some practical, user-friendly silicone moulds! With a range of shapes to choose from – round, square, you name it! – you can let your imagination run wild. And even with 15 hungry children to cater for, you’re sure to win the day. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, almond- or hazelnut-filled chocolate, even chocolate lollipops – anything is possible!
Become everyone’s favourite host by experimenting with delicious, fun recipes. Place a strawberry or marshmallow in the centre of your mould, cover with melted chocolate and insert a small stick. Once the chocolate has cooled, even the pickiest kids will all be clamouring for these incredible, homemade chocolate lollipops! You can even pop them in the freezer to make mini chocolate lollies. Watch out, though, as they’re sure to come back for more!
And when the rest of the family starts to get jealous, you can appease them with a whole range of treats using different fruits or pieces of salted butter caramel!



For a balanced diet, variety really is the spice of life! Contrary to common belief, it is important to eat carbohydrates, even when on a diet. Ideally, a balanced diet is made up of 15% protein, 50-55% carbohydrates, and 30-35% fat. Of course, by carbohydrates we don’t mean sweets!

Eat more fruit and veg – the simple way!

Eating five fruit and vegetables a day can sometimes feel like a bit of a challenge. Luckily, there are plenty of recipes and techniques out there to add a little bit of magic to your meals whilst ensuring you enjoy a varied diet. If you have a Vitacuisine steamer, for example, you can cook your vegetables, as well as your meat, fish and desserts, in a healthy way and without losing any of the flavour. Be creative and play with the flavours. Rediscover long-forgotten vegetables, combine different colours, and then cook it all effortlessly with a steamer.

Not all carbohydrates were created equal!

Your body needs carbohydrates, but not from just anywhere! There’s so much you can do with bread, cereals and potatoes. And if you’re craving chips for dinner, why not try reducing the amount of cooking oil? With the ActiFry, for example, you can cook potatoes and/or sweet potatoes in a healthy way.

Rule 1 healthy balance

Food variety is important, but don’t forget that you need to drink too! To keep your body well-hydrated, drink water in whatever form you prefer: herbal teas, bottled water, tea… it’s up to you!

Click here for some delicious and balanced recipes


Healthy and balanced eating made easy: revolutionise your cooking habits!

There’s never a better time than the New Year for resolving to eat healthily. Unfortunately, though, we don’t always have the time or inspiration to do so. So why not get this year off to a great start by testing the two-in-one cooking process, with the ActiFry 2 in 1?

Healthy eating can be delicious with the ActiFry 2in1

Why not join more than six million users worldwide? If you think that delicious healthy eating is mission impossible, you’re in for a surprise when you try the ActiFry 2 in 1. The idea is simple: not only does the ActiFry 2 in 1 cook your meat and your accompaniment at the same time, but it also does it healthily! A single spoonful of special ActiFry oil is enough to cook your entire meal.

Whether you want a sweet or savoury dish, you’ll never run out of delicious ideas. Not only will you rediscover the joy of eating chips and croquettes, you can also try some of our new, healthy recipes from all over the world, that will soon win over the entire family. Be creative with olive, peanut or even grapeseed oil, to make each dish a new discovery! Fish, meat and all the vegetables you can think of will now be on the menu, and you’ll even be able to make your favourite sweet treats in a healthy way!



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